Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Keyword Rich Domain - Google's Next Hit

Google and Matt Cutts both are very much focused on keyword rich domain ranking factor now a days.Please beware about these changes and keep doing your best in SEO for your website.
Couple of points:
Focus on Content (Not copied from anywhere/
Do your best for SEO technique
Don't do any unehical activity for your Website.
Keyword focus on social media activity under LinkdIN, Twitter and Facebook.
Give your user best knowledge about you product.

Even though they are more focused this time ,THey have talked about this stuff in the PAST Though. See whats the new ways, they come up with. Couple of changes they have already made in their Algoritms but still excited to see more on this topic.:) -

Why you need SEO professional???

Have you ever thought about the real "HERO" behind your website sucess??
Have you Ever think about Online Business?
Have you ever thought about Traffic??
Have you ever think about different ways of getting money from your real/new website.
SEO..??? But Why you need the )Specially REAL Unsung hero's in terms of SEO professional
These two blan line will full fill your all dreams .So think whatever comes in your mind about SEO and TRaffic then MOney.
Search Engine Technique is the combination of two beautiful paradigms
2.Quality of your traffic

Hey guy think why you need traffic or you need Qualty of traffic .

Thank :) Any question please email me

Thursday, March 3, 2011

IPv6 Support Now under Google Webmaster Tools

Google now confirm that they are going to support IPV6 website through google webmaster.Thats really a great move by google and IPV6 webmaster.Now they can actuaaly see all the if's and but's for their website.

Basically toolset is workinga nd compatable with all the IPV6 website through google webmaster tool.

Google Content Farm Algorithm Update- Important for content Farmers

Google Content Farm update, that is going to be live from Thrusday in United States. Many webmaster has been effected by this update. Google prefer quality sites with quality content without any copying from anywhere.Again the content is fresh and relevant for user. Recently google is trying to fetch all the content farmers website manually but due to few changes and other feedback from webmaster ,google will update from their algorithms only.

Few of the sites that has been recently effected by Farmer's update More news here on Google Farmers Update